St Agnes Wedding

This amazing wedding, I created for a bride at the beautiful rustic wedding setting of driftwood spa St Agnes at the end of April, was all made from Cornish grown flowers

Being the end of spring, it was debatable that the flowers would still be available, so these were literally the last batch!

The Cornish daffodils were the last available, coming from the farm @flowersbyclowance, and what beauties they were, double headed in 2 shades of yellow. To be able to use daffodils in weddings is challenging due to their thick sappy stems and getting them in bloom just at the right moment, but the outcome is beautiful.

Complimenting the daffodils were these absolutely massive blooming local grown tulips by the lovely ladies @thecornishflowerpatch, I have never seen such quality in tulips until I saw these

They grew me 2 varieties of tulips, cream and a pale yellow, along with their customer support they are fabulous, not forgetting to mention my trusty local Dutch wholesalers, based here in Cornwall, @dutchflowerimportsouthwest, they also supply Cornish grown flowers, and managed to get me these very last of the season blue muscari, which the bride specifically wanted and phew I got them!

Altogether a combination of these 3 top quality growers has given me the opportunity to make what brides would like for their weddings and makes me proud to share my business with them.

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