Flower Therapy

Flower therapy is designed and run by myself Sharon Grant.

This is a creative session to help people get through a time of grief.

The time between a loved one passing and waiting for their funeral can be a very traumatic and hard time, often you can feel left in limbo ,with wanting to do something special for the person that has gone,

My service is to help offer a chance for you to make the funeral flowers yourself, this could be for a funeral service or a memorial gathering,

Working alongside me, I will show and guide you into creating a beautiful finished tribute, we will get to use chosen colours and flowers that have significant meaning.

This will give you the support that you have made something special for your loved when you say goodbye,

There are selected tributes and styles that will be on offer to make, I am a plastic free business and,encourage making plastic free ,biodegradble and resuable sundries for the tributes,

Please get in touch to discuss with me if this is something you would like to do.

November 2022 i held a wonderful flower therapy session with the daughter of lovely lady from the village whom unfortunatley lost her battle with cancer, and she faught like a warrior to overcome it , only for it to come back . she was a well known lady and this was an extremely emotional time , to be able to help her daughter and her friend make this amazing tribute was outstanding .It was wildy, foraged , with crystals, feathers and ribbons in , a true tribute made from the heart to be placed on her mums coffin ,it reminded of a holy well site. It was an honour to hold this session with these ladies , creating some healing time for them whilst guilding them through how to construct this beautiful work.

My first flower therapy session was in september 2022 straight after i launched it, this was with a lovely customer called maria, i had previously made her a couple of beautiful eco-friendly wreaths, to be placed on the cliff top in memory of her brother. I approached her with my flower therapy idea to see if she was interested in doing it one day . the circumstances of losing her brother were still very raw and i thought this may be of help. Maria loved the idea and booked in with me. she bought her daughter along , after giving a demostration and explaining how we were going to do it , they both looked nervous like they were never going to put it together, after reasurance and guiding them , they both got into the swing of what they were making ,they flowed into creating a beautiful eco friendly wreath. i supplied a local made willow wreath, string, flowers ,workspace and knowledge, they bought with them their inspiration and created a beautiful floral tribute for their close family member that they had sadly lost.

                                                   Flower therapy session oct 2023

This was a special session that I held with a lovely friend of mine Jzero, whom had lost her uncle, he was a connection to her Dad that had also passed many years ago. so, this was an emotional time saying goodbye and it meant a lot to be able make something special for his funeral. She wanted to make a design that was relatable to his life and a Pride Flag tribute was the perfect option.

After discussing ideas of what to make, we decided upon a textured cushion, this way we could use all the pride colours in different flowers and turn it into a pattern, this made a great impact for a tribute and also it was easy to travel with, as the funeral was to take place out of county.

I had saved various different flowers of pride colours that I had within my workshop and my friend chose what she wanted to use, along with my guidance she created a wonderful outcome.

The whole idea of flower therapy is just that, flower therapy, we talked about her uncle’s life and also about her Dads, and to know you are making something for a loved one for their last moments in this world is extremely healing.

Its really enjoyable when you know you’ve helped someone and as a token of appreciation jzero made me a beautiful candle as a thankyou gift .

                                                   THE LAW OF GIVING

The universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.

This is a paragraph from my favourite chapter in the book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra